Malunggay Tea (Moringa)


  • 2x box of malunggay tea
  • each box has 30 tea bags so you get a total of 60 tea bags for 2 boxes
  • lowers blood glucose
  • prevents seasonal illnesses such as flu
  • anti-bacterial
  • inhibits growth of cancer cells
  • encourages breast milk production
  • restores skin’s youthful glow
  • cleans gastrointestinal system
  • healthy gums and teeth
  • makes your feels stronger

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Malunggay tea is the best vegetable herbal tea that you can take because of its nutrients. Malunggay, aka Moringa in english is a miracle vegetable leaves and has a strong multiple benefits for our body. In the Philippines, it is popular to use as a home remedy for different kind of common diseases like flu and specially for wounds. People in the Philippines used malunggay normally to heal the wounds by applying the extract of it directly to the wounds and tieing it with a soft cloth.

Malunggay Tea (Moringa) Benefits For Your Health

malunggay tea benefits

  1. Anti-oxidants – when you take malunggay tea in the morning and at night, you can feel the difference that you are getting stronger and healthier to fight against cancer and avoid it.
  2. Most Nutritious Vegetable Leaves – probably malunggay has the most nutrients that you can get from a vegetable. Because of that you can fight malnutrition by just taking it as a tea, coffee or juice.
  3. Lowers Blood Sugar Level – because of its bitter taste, it is very good to fight against diabetes and improve the healing of wounds and make it faster to heal in a short period of time.
  4. Natural Anti-bacterial Agent – drinking a malunggay tea can help you fight any kinds of infection caused by bacteria that we encounter everyday.
  5. Good For Wounds – its extract can be applied directly to a wounds and burns to clean it and reduce the swelling.

How To Make Malunggay Tea For Morning And Evening

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You can drink malunggay tea in the morning and evening if you want to. It is better than coffee and will make you live longer and healthier.

  • Buy the malunggay tea bags by clicking ‘Add to cart’ button above.
  • Prepare a hot or warm water.
  • Pour it on a small tea cup.
  • Soak the tea bag inside the cup.
  • Wait atleast 3 minutes before you drink it.
  • Enjoy your hot malunggay tea!

It is in tea bag form so you literally can prepare it just like the common tea that you can buy by having a hot water and soak the tea bag inside the cup.

Are There Malunggay Tea Side Effects?

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There are no reported side effects of drinking malunggay tea. Also, please consult your doctor or physician before drinking it because safety first before anything else. If you have any underlying diseases, please do not drink it without asking your doctor. Malunggay tea is safe as we know it as it is natural and raw especially its extract or juice. If someone will know about its bad side effects then we will update this article and post it here for sure but for now malunggay tea is just an herbal tea with a lot of healthy benefits that will help us to live longer and healthy as we grow old.

Malunggay Tea With Calamansi

You can prepare malunggay tea with calamansi to have some twist on its taste and boosting its effect to your body as calamansi is a very nutritious fruit too that is rich in vitamin C that can fight against common colds and diseases.

Is Malunggay Tea Safe For Pregnant Women?

If you are a pregnant woman and would want to try malunggay tea then you need to ask your doctor or physician first before drinking it.

Where can I buy malunggay tea online?

You can buy it here on our website. Just click the Add Cart button above and it will let you checkout the item and pay online with your credit card or Paypal account, that’s so easy and hassle-free. Once we received your payment, we will ship your item immediately.

About Malunggay Leaves Herbal Tea

malunggay leaves herbal tea

Our herbal tea is in teabag form that is easy to prepare. The quality is same as malunggay leaves because it is just a dried malunggay tea that was preserved.

Is Malunggay Tea Good For Weight Loss?

If you know more about it then you can watch this video below and also know some facts and other benefits about malunggay tea too. If you want to use it for weight loss, then you need to drink it twice a day, one in the morning and one before going to sleep or at night. It will fasten your metabolism and will burn fat overnight. You will wake up with a good mood too and will feel stronger that your normal body. So what are you waiting for? buy it now from this page and pay online. Now is the time to get healthier, younger and stronger!

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